Before and after perineoplasty



Vaginoplasty procedure


Tightening of the vagina for vaginal laxity.

Posterior Colporrhaphy​

Repairing the posterior or back/bottom wall of the vaginal canal​.


Aesthetic repair of vaginal opening with tightening and elevation​.


These three surgical procedures can be performed individually or in combination, and are together often called a vaginal tightening operation, vaginal rejuvenation, or simply vaginoplasty. The procedures involve repairing and strengthening the pelvic floor (bottom of the vagina,) and re-approximating the levator muscles. Surgery can remove all scar tissue, re-approximate muscular support and fascial layers, and reconstruct the opening to have an appearance closer to before childbirth. Many women with grown children seek renewal of vaginal tissues to increase their sensation and sexual satisfaction, to improve orgasm, and to enhance the sexual experience they have with their partner. These surgeries will also get rid of or diminish what is known as vaginal flatus, or passing air from the vagina.​