The Simple Treatment That Eliminates Painful Intercourse for Women

As women get older, particularly when they go through menopause, they experience vaginal changes that can lead to persistently painful intercourse, or dyspareunia. One of the ways this can be remedied is through a laser treatment called the MonaLisa Touch.

Causes of Painful Sex

Lowered estrogen levels cause the vagina to atrophy. The vaginal walls get thinner and drier. Women may also develop urinary incontinence and suffer from irritation and itchiness. While these changes normally happen with menopause, it may also occur at other times when estrogen is low, such as when a woman breastfeeds or is recovering from anorexia.

The increased dryness is a dominant factor in painful sex. Other physical causes of dyspareunia include:

• Skin disorders
• Uncontrollable muscle spasms in the vaginal walls, or vaginismus
• Genital injuries or abnormalities
• Other problems in the pelvic, reproductive, and digestive areas
• Certain medications
• Certain medical treatments and surgeries

Whatever the underlying cause, painful intercourse is not only a physical issue, but also an emotional one. The pain can lead to a decreased sex life, which in turn can result in relationship problems and stress, lowered self-image, and depression in both partners.

Treatment Options

A simple solution is to use lubricant during intercourse, but this only offers temporary relief. A more common option is to use hormonal or hormonal-like drugs that directly affect the vaginal tissue. However, as with all drugs, these come with the risk of serious negative side effects. Furthermore, hormonal drugs are not safe for women who cannot take estrogen, such as those who have had breast cancer. These women need another option to address painful intercourse.

The MonaLisa Touch

The MonaLisa Touch is the answer to those looking for a less invasive, drug-free treatment for dyspareunia. It is in-office procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia, is virtually pain free, and is typically over in about five minutes. It is done by inserting a laser probe into the vagina. The laser mildly vibrates as it streams energy into the vaginal tissue to stimulate collagen development in the cells. This increases the amount of blood flow to the area and thus volume, moisture, and sensation, as well.

Patients undergo three treatments six weeks apart, with follow-up treatments performed annually to maintain healthy cell growth and prevent dyspareunia from returning. Side effects are minimal and mild and are usually gone within days. The results are immediate and improve with each session. The MonaLisa Touch is a great solution for almost all women in eliminating painful intercourse and other undesirable vaginal conditions from their lives.

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